Hayes Testimonial

From the first time I spoke with Briana on the phone I knew I was dealing with a professional.

Instead of the “buy now before the house gets taken!” nonsense you get from most agents, she was ready to give me an honest assessment of the market I was looking into. The house I purchased was a foreclosure, and she walked me through the pros and cons of purchasing a short sale vs a foreclosure before we even sat down at her desk and searched for properties. Her extensive knowledge and personable demeanor immediately put me at ease, allowing me to make an informed and relaxed decision about things such as: how much my initial offer would be, how much my monthly expenses would be after the purchase(stuff like HOA, insurance, and warranties), and how much money I would need to get the house livable(she knew a lot about landscaping and kitchen upgrade costs, very useful). Although I was a first time homebuyer, Briana was not the first agent I dealt with, and I can tell you, agents are not all the same!

One thing I really appreciated about Briana was that she had an office. I could call or stop by anytime I wanted, and even if she wasn’t there, her secretary could take any forms I needed to drop off and always knew what was going on. If you’re like me, nothing is more annoying than trying to talk to a secretary that is clueless about her boss’s whereabouts and dealings. The previous agent I worked with did not even have a secretary and had been working out of her car. And besides being difficult to reach, I had to fax her all the forms from a local Kinko’s. I mean, who owns a fax machine anymore?

Another thing I liked about Briana was that when we were looking at properties, I always felt like she was thinking what I was thinking. For example, one of the properties we looked at early on was one of those “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” houses, as in, the only thing going for it was its curb appeal. Rather than insult my intelligence by exaggerating the few positives within, she simply said with a smile, “It’s okay if you hate it. You won’t hurt my feelings.” We had a good laugh about the smell and moved on to the next house.

Having Briana help me find a house was like having one of my friends help me. Briana was there for me before, during, and long after the sale of the house, and being the son of a developer I can tell you that it is very rare to find such sincerity among brokers, agents, and realtors these days.


Daniel T Hayes