1. Are you the Seller Who Is Buying Another Home Similar to the Home You Currently Own?
    This seller is in a great situation because they are not taking their equity out of the market. They may have to sell at a discount to get their home sold but they will also buy a discount home so they aren’t really losing any money at all if they have to take a price that is less than what they had hoped to get.
  2. Are you a Seller Who Is Buying a More Expensive Home?
    This seller is in the best situation possible. Higher end homes tend to lose value much faster than lower end homes during a correction. High end homes in metro Las Vegas also tend to appreciate much more during an appreciating market. The seller in this example wins on both ends!
  3. Are you a Seller Who Is Cashing Their Equity Out Of the Market?
    This is a home seller who has to sell in today’s market without a chance to wait for better prices to return. With home prices continuing to drop in some areas of our marketplace, the bottom line is that this type of seller needs to cut their losses immediately. It is simply a function of a bad price now or possibly a worse price later. The problem is that most homeowners give in to their emotions and lose more and more of their equity by waiting and hoping their home will increase in value.
  4. Are you the Seller That Cannot Sell In Today’s Real Estate Market?
    This is a seller who does not have the ability to sell at today’s home prices in metro Las Vegas. If you can’t cash enough equity out of the home to buy the next home or you don’t have enough equity in the home to sell at today’s prices then staying in the home may be the best option. There are other options that may be available to this type of seller.